Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st in august

1st in august...
and what's that supposed to mean????


we have this Synthesis & Process Design mini project...
well according to my friend at UTP, it is similar to Final Year Design Project for Chem Eng students there.. which is a 'complementary' project aside from the FYP~
and ALL Chem Eng students all over Malaysia will have to do the same...
well since we (Bioprocess Eng) are from the root of Chem Eng... we have to face the consequences~

our topic???
Plant Design For The Production Of Biofuel

our progress???
due date for the 1st submission???
3rd Sept 2010
the due date has been postponed for a week but still... it's a time issue for all of us..
we have midterms waiting... GMP's PBL...another mini project(waste treatment) that yet to commence, and the main agenda - FYP!!!

great~ a 'nice' workloads for the final year students!!!

p/s - we are granted equal time of 24hrs/day... but its never enough especially for students like us... it's very hard to well-manage our time... we are more determine to spend our time doing things we like... that appears to be nonsense when compared to our education... what to do???