Tuesday, September 28, 2010

there is a man in an island... with reasons~

how does it feels when people keeps pestering you over certain things???
ANNOYING and I feel like smashing their faces to the wall!!!
so please stop doing that!!!

by the way, I have a lot in pocket, waiting to be published but it seems I'm a little bit 'weak' when it comes to narrating those stories in term of words when I'm in no mood~ lame~~~~

now people always said that I'm snobbish...
I'm over with that type of accusation long time ago...
but truth be told... I'm offended~
you dont know me!!!
is it necessary to say I'm a man in an island???

*i dont owned the pic... just grab randomly from the net~

how will you react if I confess the real reason why I've been acting that way???
I do have my own comfort personal space and I HATE people overcrossing that line!!!
I've learnt how to be independent in some ways so I HATE people when they depend 100% on me!!!
I am a sensitive guy and I HATE irrational jokes especially when it comes to my races, my cultures and my hometown (I didnt include religion because I dont want to cause any problems - that's a common sense everyone SHOULD know!!!)
and I HATE you when you tried to poison my mind with your no class mentality about other races...

the list could go on and on but I think I'll stop at that point...
if you are good enough (well I remembered vividly how proud you were when you claimed that) you know what I mean from this post...