Sunday, April 17, 2011


the journey ended yesterday... we were down with 4 matches before we won the last 1... but it was too late to advance to the next round...

but having the opportunity to play netball was amazing!!!
yeah... NETBALL and we are guys~
I know some people out there might still have the taboo about guys playing netball... but here's to clear something... THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH GUYS PLAYING NETBALL!!!
bukannya kita masuk tourney n bertanding dgn perempuan...
bukannya kita main netball, kita kena jadi perempuan*kalo kes2 'lembut2' tu x bole nk cakap pa la... tp itu xda kaitan ngan netball kan?
senang cakap... tiada 1 pun yg berubah kalo kita main netball... unless we ourselves wanted to change... tu da masuk crita lain la~

i was chit-chatting with someone the other day...
dia cakap so far, men netball is not an official sport yet... sebab tu kategori ni x mcm game perempuan... siap ada world championship...
kategori lelaki ni bergantung pd penganjur la... kalo dorang rasa mau buat kategori lelaki utk tourney yg dorg anjur, it's their call...
so I asked why...
then dia jawab "susahlah... ada sesetengah pihak yg x mau sukan netball dibuka kpd lelaki sebab perempuan akan kehilangan 1 1 nya sukan yg di'conquer' oleh perempuan"*ok... something like that

HELLO??? what are we? 12 yo???
in my opinion, it should not be a problem at all!!!
mcm yg saya cakap tadi la... bukannya kita akan main ngan perempuan... kita main ngan lelaki!!!
kalau sukan RUGBY boleh... kenapa tidak netball?
how's that different???

ok2... enough with being emo2... nnt hilang pula mood..
I just want to thank all my teammates and the coaches and everyone involved in the tourney...King, Amir, Kurt, Fitri, Kah Kit, Syahir, Along, Kak Ayu, Fyda, Sitah, Zana, UniMAP Bahan, UniMAP Alam Sekitar, UniMAP MASUM, UniMAP Staff n semua yg x ter'list'... well u guys know who u r~ *jgn amik ati plak~ hehehe
you guys gave me another precious experience n memory in life~

so here's a treat from me... this is the last match (we won) against Cobra Alpha... *but this is not the full video... King's hp was running out of bat... credit to Zana for helping us to record the vid

**sorry 4 d poor quality.. i'd to compressed almost 300mb vid size to 80mb vid size...

GA - Cheong Kah Kit a.k.a Kah Kit
GS - Muhammad Fitri Salleh a.k.a Fitri
WA - Raja Ahmad Izzat Raja Zazali a.k.a King
C - Myself
WD - Mohd Redzuan Sutimin a.k.a Kurt
GD - Saiful Azam Anuar a.k.a Along
GK - Mohd Amir Idhzuan Johari a.k.a Amir

Monday, April 11, 2011


me : it's almost the end of the semester...

Q : but wait... how's your FYP going on???

me : DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate it when people ask me that~
fyi, me terpaksa tambah 8 more runs to AT LEAST make my screening acceptable...
aduh!!! just when I thought everything will be fine... taw2 jadi mcm ni...
actually, running the experiment is not my main concern...
the main problem now is...
they didnt gave us exact date actually... so that means I can still pass up on Friday, 22th April...
tp mesti nampak "lain" when I'm the only 1 sikit org jak yg hntr Jumaat nnt... kan?
to be honest... I'm optimist that I can get everything done in time...
tp faham2la quality kerja last minute mcm mn kn?
bukan mau ckp slama ni my kerja2 semua berkualiti... NO... but this is not something to be taken lightly...
hello~ FYP kot... slack skit dlm report... bole jadi bahan bukti dlm mahkamah nnt...
*okay... I exaggerated too much~
the main point is... I want to make my thesis as perfect as I could...
after all... sepa yg suka kena tembak time viva kn?
writing the thesis carelessly tu kiranya mcm gali kubur sendiri la... which I dont want!!!
nnt sia2 usaha selama ni... pulun buat exp... lari sna lari sni... berdiri berjam2 smpi kaki rasa mau patah...*more to pinggang ekceli... hehehe~ not having enough sleep sebab stay up mau buat thesis... *tp kalo lyn drama series ok plak kan? oops~ tp bila viva... HANCUR!!!
huhu... I seriously, affirmatively DONT want that!!!

Q : so what are you waiting now???
go back to work!!!!

me : sabarla!!! tgh sieving lagi ni!!!! I want to at least do these today :
1. sieve raw material at least >50g
2. run at least 2 experiment - 1 RUN JER SEBAB TECH PROB... 7 MORE TO COME
3. run as much FT-IR analysis as much as I could *could be more but someone stole some of my time
4. get Chapt 1 n 3 done for good!!! EPIC FAIL!!!
*by 12am... I'll cross out whichever I've done~